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  • ben 8:52 pm le February 27, 2014 Permaliens | Réponse  

    Alexandre et moi étions au Centre Bell hier soir ! Le Canadien en a profité pour livrer ce qui doit être sa pire performance de l’année à date :). En fait, nous sommes même partis après la deuxième car Alexandre fatiguait sérieusement. De toute façon, le spectable n’était pas vraiment au rendez-vous (Detroit a bien joué ceci dit).

  • ben 9:16 pm le February 7, 2014 Permaliens | Réponse  

    Scientific Attempt To Create Most Annoying Song Ever 

    J’ai tenu 9 minutes.

  • ben 6:24 pm le February 7, 2014 Permaliens | Réponse  

    Très bon ! http://imgur.com/gallery/K8PDa

  • ben 10:38 pm le February 4, 2014 Permaliens | Réponse  

    I’ll order some Whatever, please.

  • ben 5:04 pm le February 2, 2014 Permaliens | Réponse
    Étiquettes : opera montreal   

    Porgy and Bess 

    Bonne soirée à l’opéra hier soir. Dommage que l’Opéra de Montréal ait encore fait ses siennes avec ses tentatives de remédier à l’abominable acoustique de la Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier. Ma réaction :

    I loathe the horrendous acoustics of Opera de Montreal’s Salle
    Wilfrid-Pelletier, and vowed last year never to set foot in this hall
    again because of that (it is so bad that the Montreal Symphony Orchestra
    built a new hall right next to Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier!). But I so
    wanted to see and hear PORGY AND BESS, one of my favorite operas, that I
    went to the last show yesterday evening, and overall had a great time.
    The sound coming from the stage did seem kind of odd however. A sameness
    of volume, whoever was singing… Could not pick out if the singers were
    on the left or on the right of the stage… Were my ears playing tricks
    with me? So it was with relief that I read the following paragraph in a
    review today:

    « Unfortunately the aural black mark of the night was again due to
    microphones at the foot of the stage. Opéra de Montréal persists with
    them despite the unpleasant effect of poorly directed amplification
    whenever singers are downstage. Let them project. It’s what professional
    singers do. »

    So I was not crazy – which is always nice to know . Will return to my
    regular boycott of this horrible hall .

    (this production was a big hit by the way… just too bad we don’t have
    a decent opera house…)

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